Online Slots: Modern Gambling on the net!

Online Slots: Modern Gambling on the net!

Gambling puts something at stake, money or valuables in an event with a consciousness of risk of loss and hope for more gain. It is a game to bet at risk in the desire to gain more. Technology is no more unknown to anyone or anywhere, so as with gambling. Online gambling is playing games on the internet with the same perspective, risking value to gain more. It may include slot machines, Online Slots, video slots, table games, etc.

The new era of internet slots games:

Internet gambling has huge popularity in India and the world. It is estimated to be worth almost $60 billion by 2020 and is still growing. A kind of online gambling is sports betting with jili slot. Here gamblers can bet on sports like football, basketball, hockey, kabaddi and, the most popular in India being Cricket. Besides betting being illegal in most of the states of India, there is no law formed for any ban on online gambling, allowing Indian’s to bet online on different sports. Moreover, popular sites are running in India, which provide an open platform for Indian gamblers to play online with the assurance of legal and safe transactions.

Gambling made easy!

This ease has made online casino and betting quite popular in India and the world. They have payment methods as simple as online shopping websites, i.e. through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and even bitcoins. However, one should be very careful about whether the site is regulated, accepted, and recommended in the country. Though the Supreme Court has once addressed that playing rummy or slots is legally risky but isn’t banned.


There is one important aspect in online slots that often not been known to people as sites are mainly operated through software and can check for the IP address to prevent the players nearby to operate and play on the same card room. In addition, there are many advanced security systems like device fingerprint etc., to avoid another account opening, money transfer, etc.

The conclusion:

With all this coming into places, the question arises, whether it is a practice of social safety or not? Gambling has a history in India mentioned in our epics; it has been responsible for taking away everything of families; players even beg, borrow or steal for their addiction. Not only that, it is a famous tool for money laundering. All this can prove a threat to society, legal or illegal.